Do you need assistance from the MP and her office? If you have been unable to obtain an answer to your query by contacting the government agency directly, visiting a local office or the website, please sign and complete the Request For Help form (found below) and return it to our office. Please TYPE on the document. 

A member of our staff will be in touch to discuss the issue and request any additional information that may be required in assisting you with your issue.

1. For Citizenship & Immigration Canada Applications, please be advised that our office is able to inquire about the status of an application ONLY after it has gone BEYOND “Posted Processing Times.” Processing times can be found on Citizenship and Immigration website and vary depending on which oversees office is handling the application. If your application has exceeded these timelines, please download and complete the form below titled "Immigration - Request for Help (doc)"

2. For all other departmental agencies queries (CRA, Service Canada, Veterans Affairs, etc), please complete the form titled "General - Request for Help (doc)"

 NOTE: For Canada Revenue Agency queries, in addition to the Request for Help form, please fill out RC161 Parliamentary consent form. Kindly be advised that both will be sent to CRA.