Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner's Digital TOWN HALL MEETING

In light of the current health restrictions, M.P. Rempel Garner will be holding a digital town hall meeting to update her constituents on her work and answer questions. Join her on May 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM MDT.  

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M.P. Rempel Garner regularly holds public town hall meetings in the community. These meetings serve as an opportunity for her to update constituents on her work as their representative, answer questions from members of the community, and speak one-on-one with many individuals.

Due to the current health restrictions in person gatherings are not permitted. Instead, M.P. Rempel Garner will be holding an online digital town hall meeting.

When: May 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM MDT

Where: Online! Detailed instructions on how to log in will be sent to participants upon registration and prior to the event. Participants will have the option to participate via video conference using a computer, tablet or mobile device OR use audio only using a device or phone. 

 As space for this meeting is limited by the technology, registrations will be processed in the following way:

  • Constituents living in Calgary Nose Hill will be given first priority and will be processed in the order they are received.
  • All other out of riding registrations will be processed in the order they were received and if space allows they will be eligible for participation.

A link will be emailed to participants ahead of the meeting.

Unlike M.P. Rempel Garner's in person town hall meetings where she is happy to take questions from the floor, this format requires a slightly different approach. Questions can be submitted ahead of time using the following options:

Methods for submitting questions during the live town hall meeting will be communicated during the event.

Please do not hesitate to contact M.P. Rempel Garner's office if you have any questions about the event. 

Please note: the digital town hall meeting will be audio and video recorded. By participating, individuals are consenting to their audio, video and image being used for future publication.


One of M.P. Rempel Garner's previously held town hall meetings.

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Digital Town Hall Meeting