Local Resources


Community Associations:

- Edgemont

  • Grocery and pharmacy delivery: “Any questions or to order The Good Food Box before April 20th contact volunteers@edgemont.ab.ca If you can volunteer for non-contact deliveries PLEASE join the list and we will message you if needed!”

- Hidden Valley:

  • Community Survey: “More than ever, community and neighbours are important. We are looking for feedback and individuals who are able to help us come together and create a sustainable and interactive Community Association. Check out this 5 min membership survey to provide feedback on what you're looking for in a community association. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MWY5J2. If you are looking to volunteer and help out in some initiatives we would like to hear from you! Connect with: membership@hiddenhut.org

- Huntington Hills:

  • Grocery and pharmacy delivery: “If our residents are senior's, immuno-compromised, or quarantined and unable to get out for groceries, prescriptions, or necessities during this unprecedented time, please email rick.lundy@huntingtonhillscalgary.com and we will arrange for someone to pick up and deliver items for you.”
  • Huntington Hills Out of School Program- Babysitting: “Our staff would like to extend babysitting to anyone in need. Please email us at elccadmin@huntingtonhillscalgary.com for information.”

- Northern Hills

- Thorncliffe:

  • General help: “Do you or someone you know need some help? Considering the seemingly ever-changing perspectives and risks of COVID-19, and the closure of the centre, the TGCA has been trying to understand what our role can be at this unprecedented time for the community and our members. If you or someone you know needs help, we have volunteers that can help with deliveries, pickups, and possibly other tasks, as well. Please contact Kevin at 403-274-6840 ext.130, or kkromm@tgcacalgary.com to reach out for help.”

- Sandstone & Macewan


- Harvest Hills Alliance:

  • Community members can email us if they need support for anything. We have people in place to pick up grocery orders, walk people’s dogs, etc. We are committed to helping in any way we can that’s within the legal parameters set forth by our government. Email: help@hhachurch.com

-Berkshire Citadel:

  • Emergency Food Bank: Wednesdays 9:00am-3:00pm 222 Sandarac Dr 
  • Did you know that you can order and pick up a Good Food Box at our location
  • Order by April 14th and pick up on April 30th
  • Order here: https://www.tsaberkshire.com/good-food-box
  • What is the Good Food Box? The Good Food Box (GFB) is a program under the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary whereby you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at a very low cost. The Good Food Box is a hands-up program as opposed to hands-out. We offer all Calgarians’ sustainable access to nutritious food to ensure that no one has to go hungry. The boxes are put together and delivered by dedicated volunteers who along with The Community Kitchen desire to see individuals and families accessing affordable nutritious food.
  • Box Options
  • Small Box: $25, 20-25lbs* of fruits and vegetables
  • Medium Box: $30, 30-35lbs* of fruits and vegetables
  • Large Box: $35, 40-45lbs* of fruits and vegetables
  • *These weights are just an approximate. Weights will vary depending on produce size and density.